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Yuca Bristo

Yuca Bristo offers a fully operational cafe without the risk of ingredient waste due to human error, recurring labor costs, and the enormous training time required for maximum efficiency in a people-operated shop. By utilizing a fully autonomous system operated by two 6-axis robot arms, Yuca Bristo eliminates the common pain points of a typical drive-through cafe and ensures a seamless, efficient, and fun experience.

Yuca Bristo features 2 sizes of cup, ice, boba, tea, and straw dispensers, and cup sealer in addition to two 6-axis robot arms. Meant to fully utilize the photogenic charms that ensure boba’s growing popularity, this autonomous drive-through is designed to be fully visible with large, bright, and engaging parts serving as the perfect environment for all boba lovers. A different experience is offered during nighttime operation, with a selection of interactive lit-up portions.

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