Hello. Welcome to my online portfolio.

I am an industrial designer / animator based in San Francisco.  




Cliq is a constructive designed for children in refugee camp at the border of Thailand. They are surrounded by bamboo forest, with little access to healthy play, so I designed a joinery toy meant to utilize natural resource nearby as a part of their play. 

The play is based on the open-ended play experience of junkyard playground. Kids are allowed the freedom to construct their own play experience.

Causal Curiosity is an on-going personal project inspired by my enjoyment of learning yet restless mind. I can sit in a room and take notes for hours, but will be distracted at least once every ten minutes or so. One day I thought, why fight my own nature; might as well cater to it. 

This project is meant to follow a series of interests under the definition of its study (-ology) to play with personal interest of the notetaker. Many more concepts coming soon.  



Group art installation project based on the concept of memory and water where we explored water as a medium/ resource/ hindrance as we trace it back to its source and toward where it ends and explored the stories it carried as it moved.


We collect personal stories in relation to water and encourage audience to share and interact with submerged pages and dark ink. Participants seem to enjoy the messiness of the installation.

San Francisco, CA 


© 2020 by Sirikhanate Sakulyong

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